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We uphold a sense of respect towards Mother Earth, in its ability to give and nourish life. We respect every form of workmanship, from all our stakeholders in their service to us and to our customers in their expectations from us.

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At Rudra Constructions, our focus is on YOU and what YOU want to achieve. We pride ourselves on forging strong, lasting relationships, which help us to continue to thrive and develop.

Our desire to work closely with those who share the same vision and values is why many of our clients have a multiple project history. Exceeding client expectations has resulted in continual repeat business within the local area, which means we are building a foundation not only for our business but also for our community. 

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Rudra Constructions’ passion is for building amazing custom architect-designed homes. From the foundations, frame, exterior details through to luxury finishes on your floors, cabinetry and electrical, our fastidious attention to detail and “we can achieve that” attitude, we guarantee that building or renovating a home with us will be memorable for all the right reasons.


We Design and Build Your Dream Home!

Discover an oasis of calm and serenity. Discover a vibrant mix of carefully-crafted greenery, lush landscapes, and themed garden. Discover space for the mind to wander, waterscapes to soothe your senses, serene paths to stroll around. 

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Why settle for anything else? Rudra Brindavanam from Rudra Constructions is a lifestyle apartment gated community that brings you the best there is. Spread across 5603 sq yards, in the fast-growing, strategically-located Kompally, the commune is thoughtfully crafted to exceed the expectations of the discerning few, who demand the very best. Here’s where opulence thrives amidst Mother Nature, where top-of-the-line amenities enable you to make quality time as true quality time, and where moments become Memories.

We Stands for better tomorrow

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce our project ‘Rudra Brindavanam ‘. We have crafted these homes in nature by preserving the trees and conserving the soil and water. This is a unique project gifting serenity to the city of Guntur. Let us join and experience the nature at our aparttments .


We believe in enriched wealth transformation. We always believe that nature is supreme and we take the balanced approach between human needs and nature. We respect natural resources and we use them with utmost care and concern. Our balanced enrichment of mother earth will give enhanced value and experience to our esteemed future residents.


Our philosophy is “customers are owners, we are just transformers”

Mr. Harish Gandhi Linga


Where dreams Comes home

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